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57, male, Divorced

Burrough on the Hill, United Kingdom

I’m looking to meet someone who I click with; chemistry, optimism, passion, honesty and maturity a must. Happy, laid back, easy going, I’m well mannered and fun to be with. I’m told I have a nice smile, wicked sense of humour and contagious laughter which usually leads to bouts of shared hysterics when in company. That said I am grateful to be in good health, fit, with a lovely family, good friends and a wonderful son. I am quite well spoken, avoid expletives, except when I have sliced my finger Young at heart and in outlook, I’m comfortable with myself and what I have achieved in life up to now and I'm content that I've found a way to exist in this world that is both compassionate, tolerant and empathetic of others. I enjoy a drop of wine and cooking stuff, I mean the two go hand in glove don’t they, I’ve even been known to whip up a mean cloud of putrifying black smoke in the kitchen when the toaster blew up. My lemon sorbet ain't bad either and I’m not fazed by soufflé, bisque, sauté, creaming, searing, running, jumping, Gym-ing, whisking, piping, fixing, plumbing, ironing and decorating; oh and riding (I used to own a thoroughbred a few years ago) still have my joddies, boots and lid somewhere in the black hole under the stairs. I like to travel and have worked in Europe for 4 years, also Sardinia, Libya and the UAE. I’ve also visited Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Jamaica, the Caribbean and the Maldives. I find getting on a plane and going to new destinations and experiencing different cultures is good for the soul.I’m just as happy on the beach with a book or alternatively water ski-ing, scuba diving and exploring the local scenery. Essentially I'm an artistic, creative character at heart and I enjoy time with my son and playing music professionally.I love to connect with the audience through the music and I always try to create a unique moment, the music I play is already very well known and does reach the listener on an emotional level.

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59, female, Single

Hickory Creek, United States

I love listening to Caribbean music but my favorite is reggae, love to read just about anything, love to take long walks....

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60, female, Widowed

London, United Kingdom

I have been practising yoga for my health for 4yrs, to help with my holistic healing ,I meditate daily and practise hot yoga at least 4 days a week. I am do not eat meat or eggs or mushrooms. I do however believe in balance ,my weakness is PIE ! Love my music as it helped when my partner of 4yrs passed away, I sang everyday which totally proves the point music heals , it also raises the spirit, my folks come from the Caribbean Island Dominica (not republic) . I have 2 grown children and 1 grandchild . Want to meet fellow musos , we understand each other ,looking for someone that is into taking care of their health no smoking please .Oh yeah my height is 5ft 11. I am slender not thin

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35, female, Single

Aurora, United States

Hey I'm Jazzel! Born and raise in NYC with a caribbean background (Jamaica and Costa Rican). I love to eat and travel with friends. I'm sweet but can be witty. Silly but I'm far from a dummy. Graduated from Penn State with a BA in Business. I love all forms of art and I'm a huge sucker for a nice beard with a great smile. Lol My only downfall is I am a workaholic and I dance like Tin Man. Lmao. But it doesn't stop me from socializing and dancing. I'm very old school and I love a "manly" man. A leader, someone who knows how to build and repair, a family man, respectful, romantic, knowledgable, and outgoing. Any race is acceptable. I don't discriminate :)

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56, male, Widowed

Wenatchee, United States

I am a very hard working dedicated person and I live life to it’s fullest. I laugh often and am very optimistic. I think my smile is contagious :) I have young daughter she's lovely and smart In my free time I spend lots of time with my children, play the piano and drums, exercise daily, mountain bike, ride jet skis and 4 wheeler in the summer and snowboard in the winter. I always try to keep busy doing something. Oh and I LOVE to cook.I enjoy helping others more than anything else. I would put everything I’m doing on hold if someone I know needed help with anything at all.I love to travel (the Caribbean being my favorite) and while my immediate family all live here, I have family on the east coast, west coast, and in Southern France. I visit them all as often as possible.I am incredibly honest and trustworthy. I would expect my match to have the same qualities. That is extremely important.I have a great, maybe sarcastic, sense of humor (some would say disturbing). My humor is along the lines of Simpsons, Reno 911, Chevy Chase, Naked Gun, Seinfeld, stuff like that I was raised by a single mother. Watched her get hurt many times. Made me believe how important it is to treat a woman right. My mother also taught me how to have inner strength and not to get walked on.

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